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Easy tips to preserve your jewellery and make it shine as the first day.

These ideas will be useful for all your quality jewellery.

And you will find a present at the end!

About the Author

Edyta Rosinska

Jewellery has been my passion since I was little. I want every piece to make you feel special whenever you put it on. I create one-off earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces that talk about confidence and values.

But I want you to stand out at your best, and that’s why I made this guide. I share my knowledge on how to tell good jewellery from fake and how to take care of it. This quick course will help you with every adornment you own or desire, not only Ertisun’s!I create one-off earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces that display confidence and values.

Edyta Rosinska

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Learn to distinguish the best jewellery

Fake jewellery is becoming a plague within our sector. It may be more affordable, but we must admit that it lacks charisma and uniqueness. They are all identical and boring. 

Some people will try to charge you more than they actually should. With a few tricks, you will avoid frauds, but also be able to spot the
highest quality. Because you deserve the best!

Do you know. . .

Where you can see the first signs of poor metal degradation?

The common mistakes of falsifiers?

What is most important to be of quality within a jewellery?

Do you dare use a magnet or even chemistry to identify true golden, silver or platinum?

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Pamper your jewellery

There is no point in spending a lot of money on a valuable jewel and then letting it lose its brightness. They will make you shine every time if you treat them well.

The methods you should apply vary for precious metals, pearls and gems.

Keep them away from some products. Most people wear their jewels during dangerous activities. It’s likely you are doing so!

Do you know if you are storing your jewellery properly? 

Just like you remove your make-up, you should spend a minute on your adornments after taking them off.



Inside The Book

You will discover all you need about the world of jewellery. This E-Book is like a condensed course in becoming an expert jewellery user.


Why quality is important. You buy twice if you buy cheap!

How to recognize fake jewellery

Learn how to spot metal degradation and common procedures of jewellery falsifiers to avoid being misled.

How to identify quality handmade jewellery

Find out what you should look for in a jewellery. What does it need to be of quality? Pay for what is important!

How to preserve jewellery

Precious metals and gems are durable materials but, as long as entropy exists, they need maintenance to last longer and shine as the first day.


Some practical advice: be careful! You need more than one glance to make sure the jewellery is genuine and won’t degrade.

Jewellery Expert

With all the tips you have learned, you will enjoy your precious jewellery for a long time. And you will get a present!


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